10 thoughts on “Mystery Flowers in My Garden

  1. Do they have an aroma? If so they may be an oriental lily, possibly a “boogie woogie” variety. A friend of mine has been raising lilies for years and he has 500 lilies blooming in his yard each summer…and that variety is one of favorites.

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      1. I think they can stay dormant for a couple years in colder areas but perhaps an animal dug up and replanted, OR someone didn’t want to pitch out and planted in your garden as a mystery surprise. 🙂

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  2. Nice surprise! Bulbs can sometimes remain dormant for years. I planted some Naked Ladies ( a type of amaryllis common along roadsides in Northern California) when we moved into our last house. They never came up. Seven years later, as I was having my morning coffee on the deck, I noticed something pink blooming in the far corner of the yard. My Naked Ladies! This is the only time they ever bloomed!

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    1. That is amazing. My mom had dozens of bulbs shipped back from Amsterdam years ago, I did the same a few years later. They came up for a time and then……nothing! But I caught a pesky chipmunk more than once running with half a bulb in his mouth as he headed to the neighbors yard……maybe they’ll come back?


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