10 thoughts on “Mystery Flowers in My Garden

  1. Do they have an aroma? If so they may be an oriental lily, possibly a “boogie woogie” variety. A friend of mine has been raising lilies for years and he has 500 lilies blooming in his yard each summer…and that variety is one of favorites.

  2. There is a light scent – hurrah! Perhaps I have a boogie woogie lily! Now can you solve the mystery of how it got into my garden. Last year was the first appearance…..

      1. I think they can stay dormant for a couple years in colder areas but perhaps an animal dug up and replanted, OR someone didn’t want to pitch out and planted in your garden as a mystery surprise. 🙂

  3. Nice surprise! Bulbs can sometimes remain dormant for years. I planted some Naked Ladies ( a type of amaryllis common along roadsides in Northern California) when we moved into our last house. They never came up. Seven years later, as I was having my morning coffee on the deck, I noticed something pink blooming in the far corner of the yard. My Naked Ladies! This is the only time they ever bloomed!

    1. That is amazing. My mom had dozens of bulbs shipped back from Amsterdam years ago, I did the same a few years later. They came up for a time and then……nothing! But I caught a pesky chipmunk more than once running with half a bulb in his mouth as he headed to the neighbors yard……maybe they’ll come back?

      1. The chipmunks or the bulbs? I too have critters nibbling away at bulbs and roots. But I think that bulbs stop coming up after a while. Many of mine have dwindled in numbers.

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