Rocking Chair Farm – an interactive Alpaca experience

I’ve vacationed in Tennessee for years and am so in love with the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains, the kindness and hospitality of the people, southern food and the endless fun things to do there.

This trip I sought out new experiences and happened upon Rocking Chair Farm. Located in Corryton, it was an easy 30 miles drive from my Sevierville cabin. A cool day with a possibility of rain (which didn’t happen) it was perfect for a tour of this special farm run by David and Christine Rogers.  I was their only customer for the 10 a.m. tour and got to have lots of interaction while learning about and feeding these adorable animals.

The herd is comprised of Huacuya and Suri Alpacas guarded over by the couple’s four livestock guardian dogs. Before we entered the first of three pens, David and Christine went over a number of rules for my safety as well as the alpacas. I was told there are some that are really friendly and if there were those who didn’t approach me, not to worry.  I learned how to feed them with a flat, open palm; it was the sweetest feeling as they gently nuzzled my hand.  There is a gentleness about them, their personalities and curiosity is endearing.

After the tour we visited their gift shop. David designs and makes the lovely hats, scarves, gloves using yarn made from their alpaca’s wool and there are a number of other quality items to choose from. Given the opportunity I’ll visit again – this was an experience I’ll never forget!

In the garden, November 1

While there is a chill in the air in Michigan, a combination of rain and sunny days has kept my garden flourishing. A freeze is imminent so I’m getting some photos of the last beautiful blooms …while I can. Enjoy!

Autumn Wine Tasting

Scenes from Tennessee