Friday’s Blooms

Second rose of 2016
I love chive blossoms!
So pretty, I dry these bouquets & they last a long while

I had to share today’s blooms, picked today after an afternoon of weeding and dead-heading. ūüíź

Sunday Poppies

Three colors of poppies appeared this morning, adding brilliant pops of red, peach and pale pink to the iris and spiderwort-filled flowerbed. ¬†There is something really special about the paper-thin petals and the deep black centers. I couldn’t resist going out at¬†6:30 a.m. and getting a few photos.


More lovelies from my garden

Today, more blooms appeared in my garden.  First one, then another peony opened with so many to follow in the days and weeks ahead.

My irises continue to open at break-neck speed with Michigan’s hot, dry days. Each iris is more delicate and showy than the next.  The pale peachy-pink iris is new this year.

Sunday’s Blooms – May 29, 2016


In Michigan, we’ve had summer like temps but little to no rain. As a result, the garden is growing quickly, everyday yielding new blooms. This morning I was thrilled to see even more blooms in the garden, including my Dwarf Korean Lilac.

FullSizeRender 375

FullSizeRender 387

FullSizeRender 410

Much to my surprise, under the lilac bush, I found two of the feral kittens born about seven weeks ago on our porch.  I imagine that the fragrance of the lilacs is relaxing for them.

FullSizeRender 397
Clematis, one of three varieties I have around the garden

FullSizeRender 396
This first of many Clematis blossoms to come

FullSizeRender 416.jpg
The first of my poppies!

Lots of shades of purple and yellow abound.

As I strolled around this morning, I found several “volunteers” that I didn’t plant but am happy to see all the same. ¬†My rule is, if it’s growing in a crack but it’s a flower, vegetable or herb – leave it be!

Garden explodes!

Too much?

All I know is that overnight I’ve seen my garden burst into bloom. From violets, lily of the valley and bluebells in phase one, my irises, peony tree, columbine and bleeding hearts are taking over. Soon, peonies and poppies will fill the flowerbeds and every vase I own.

It’s pure joy to watch a garden come to life.


59 Candles, 59 Things – part forty five

Fifty third thing: ¬†This entry in the “59 Candles, 59 Things series features¬†my love of photography.

I’ve never taken lessons. In recent years, my Nikon remains¬†at home in favor of¬†my iphone ¬†camera for still and video photography. Capturing special moments¬†while Spence and I travel,¬†my beautiful blooming garden, our¬†adorable Tipper and¬†Biscotti as well as photographing food I’ve prepared or ordered out is fun for me. ¬†The easy editing tools allow me to enhance my best shots, create lasting¬†memories and gather content for my blog. ¬†For me, photography is¬†fun and it makes me happy.

Here are a few of my personal favorite photos:

This series, “59 Candles, 59 Things” was started almost one year ago to celebrate my 59th birthday and highlight some of the many things that make me happy. ¬†For more, look under categories for “59 Things”. ¬†I hope you’ll enjoy the series and think about what makes you happy too!