Settling Mom Part Four or a Temporary “Cease and Desist”

For those following my blog, you may have wondered why I’ve gone “silent” on the Settling Mom series.  The subject of said series, Mom, asked me to “cease and desist” on any more posts showing off her new furnishings – until she was able to do the big reveal to a couple of dear friends coming for a visit yesterday.  After posting pictures of the statement piece, I was in serious trouble (not really though she told me to stop or she’d take away my MacBook).

The black-out has been lifted and I’m back in her good graces, allowed to proceed with the latest update.  Her bed was delivered on Tuesday and with that, she raced back to my sister’s home (her temporary residence), laundered her new sheets and packed up all her stuff.  She officially moved in and though surrounded by boxes, slept in her new bed.

Mom's snazzy new bedding.  It's really beautiful and vibrant.  She'd found this online months ago.  Great taste that Mom of mine.
Mom’s snazzy new bedding. It’s beautiful and vibrant. She’d found it online months ago. Great taste, that Mom of mine.

Her check-in email the next morning was a good one, she’d slept wonderfully.  She’d been so exhausted the night before that when she saw an email stating her kitchen table and chairs had been delivered, she called the office to ask if they were holding her delivery.  They informed her they’d taken it up to her apartment and put it inside.  She looked and sure enough – several ginormous new boxes had joined the others – and she’d walked right around them without noticing.

She began to unbox the set – two chairs and a drop leaf table.  The table itself was so heavy that she opted to stop and wait for my brother-in-law and sister to come over after work and he assembled the set for her.

IMG_5242 IMG_5245

The single drop leaf can be raised should she need a larger table top for company.

Stay tuned for the next update in this series….more furniture has been purchased and will be delivered today.

Settling Mom Part Two – or “The Statement Piece”

If you saw yesterday’s post, you’ll know that the plan today was to head back to Colette’s, the furniture consignment store (the first store visited Mom and I visited – last Monday) to see if the special “statement piece” of furniture we’d found was indeed still there.  If so, Mom would buy it and I’d help get it back to her new apartment.

Spence was kind enough to loan his GMC Canyon to transport said item and just before noon, we pulled into Colette’s.  It’s a massive warehouse of consignment goods, primarily vintage and antique furniture but also books, clothing and everything you could imagine.  The small chest we sought was in the farthest corner in the recesses of the store which is arranged by vendor space. There was no way to know if it had sold but we remained hopeful.

As we came closer, I saw it, just waiting for Mom. This time she’d taken measurements of the space intended for it and armed with my own measuring tape, we took the dimensions of the chest. Just right!  Still as taken with it as we’d been the first time, we inspected it for flaws, finding none. Removing the tag, we walked back to the central cashier where Mom made the purchase.  We learned from the cashier that the vendor selling this had told her it came from her mother’s home where it sat in the entryway her entire life.  Interesting….. we’d been curious about it’s history. I brought up the truck while Nate was summoned to load it for us.  Given the marble top, Nate warned us that it was very heavy even for a strapping twenty-something guy such as himself.

After unloading it back at Mom’s new apartment we checked for any marking that might indicate where it was made but to no avail.  If I was to guess, I think it is European. We put it into the place, measuring first right and then left to center it.  Perfection.  Mom has many boxes to unpack and one of them may contain just the right thing to hang above the “statement piece”.  If not, our next search will be for a mirror to hang above it.  And the Settling Mom series continues…..

So without further adieu, here are the pictures.  You decide, does it make a statement?

Side view
Other side view
From the front
From the front
And a view from the top, solid marble

Settling Mom – Part One or “On Shopping”

Blanche says it best.
Just following instructions!
Just following instructions! And helping the economy…

With Mom’s recent move back to Michigan (see Moving Mom series in this blog), the need for shopping has reached a new dimension.  Was it just a week ago that we were arriving home from the road trip from Florida to Michigan?

Mom left most of her furniture in Florida as requested by the buyers of her home.  Good for them and less to contend with for her. Now starts the tricky part – from two bedroom house with large lanai to one bedroom apartment with a “pie” (think alcove making more of a great room). Where to place her sofa, love-seat, computer, desk, TV and then what to buy?  The first day we set out was cold with a steady rain. What we found out immediately?  Mom LOVES the heated seats in my Tucson.

We started by checking consignment stores for a small but contemporary drop leaf table, large living room table for her ginormous lamp and if possible a “statement ” piece, (something really striking).  Less likely would be finding the right dresser and matching nightstand in consignment. A bed she will buy brand new and she’s already on task for that.  She located the bedding online she fell in love with and it’s making it’s in transit, even as I write this.

The first shop we visited yielded a single treasure (the “statement piece”)  but felt almost too easy. Mom wasn’t ready to “pull the trigger” – not just yet.  But we were both struck by it’s uniqueness. As days ensued, visiting numerous stores not finding anything else that compared to it, we kept talking about it. We even agreed on where to place it, clearly it left an impression on us.  Tomorrow we’ll go back, praying that it’s still there in that huge warehouse hopefully undiscovered and waiting for Mom.

Yesterday was another day of furniture shopping – in the snow (seriously – welcome back to Michigan Mom!) We’ve had no luck finding tables in consignment.  At a major retail furniture chain, we’d spotted a table that could work (later on Amazon I found something better which she’s since ordered) but did find a matching dresser and nightstand that she likes.  However, there’s at least one other furniture retailer that we’ve yet to visit making sure we’ve checked their selection. Decision – paused for now.

When not shopping this week, we’ve been moving in those things from the truckload Spence drove back in February, items we crammed into Mom’s car and a number of items from the POD which was delivered Thursday. (Sister, brother-in-law, nephew and a buddy unloading the remainder of the POD today as Spence and I are off to the wedding of dear friends)

Got her new phones, a LAN line, high speed internet and HD cable set up, pairing her Kindle to her new home network.  She looked so happy sitting on the apartment floor able to check emails on her own computer for the first time in nearly two weeks, seeing her HD TV with a picture – knowing both had arrived intact.  (other than the missing power cord to the printer which is bound to show up – a casualty of the hectic last boxes packed)

If you enjoyed this piece, stay tuned as there’s more to come on Settling Mom, including (fingers crossed) our consignment find….with pictures to follow.