Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

Having been a lifelong resident of Michigan, I’ve traveled all over the state but had never visited this amazing park until recently. With 158 acres of indoor and outdoor gardens featuring over 200 sculptures, we walked for hours enjoying the fall colors, capturing photos of the beauty along the way.

Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park opened in April 1995 after 13 years of planning and fundraising by the West Michigan Horticultural Society. In 1990, Fred & Lena Meijer were asked by Betsy Borre for their support, and they embraced the concept of a major cultural attraction centering around horticulture & sculpture. The original vision has turned into a top cultural destination in the Midwest, known internationally for the quality of the art and gardens. Excerpt from Meijer

Scenes from Las Vegas – Springs Preserve

from Wikipedia: Las Vegas Springs Preserve consists of 180 acres dedicated to nature walks and displays and is owned and operated by the Las Vegas Valley Water District. The Preserve is located approximately three miles west of downtown Las Vegas.

My recent trip to Nevada included a family reunion which in and of itself was filled with a lot of laughter, simultaneous conversations and catching up on each others lives. That would have been more than enough but my sister, a new Nevada resident, had researched area attractions that would appeal to our gang. Not only was Springs Preserve a huge hit, it was much more than we could’ve anticipated. We availed ourselves two of the many offerings, the Butterfly Habitat and the Botanical Gardens.

Reflections from the past

For many years, Spence and I had a bass boat that allowed us to venture into small channels and inlets that larger boats couldn’t access. These photos from ten years ago brought back sweet memories of peaceful times spent observing the beauty of nature while enjoying each other’s company.