The Beauty of Morning Glories

This is the first year that I’ve grown Morning Glories.  My favorite daughter-in-law and I did a girl’s day out in early July that included visiting a favorite gardening center. While there I bought Morning Glories (following her lead – she’d spied them first). I planted them that night, right on the edge of the herb garden. The next morning I had one bloom and it was lovely.  Later that month, I had two blooms.  The other day I was out dead-heading and weeding when I noticed how much they had spread their vines around the low trellis surrounding the herb garden but it was afternoon and the blooms had closed. This morning there was no denying them, they were in full bloom, loads of blossoms. They begged to have their pictures taken for the blog. “Over here” they beckoned me. I couldn’t resist.

IMG_6692 IMG_6696 IMG_6690

What I love about these is the deep color with the lighter “throat”.  The dark color is almost iridescent and they appear to have little solar lights, lit from within.  I’m hooked! They are my 2015 Favorite Flower Discovery (that’s a thing as of today).

What’s your Favorite Flower Discovery for 2015?

8 thoughts on “The Beauty of Morning Glories

  1. Ach, those are so beautiful. How lucky you are to have those growing in your yard! Did you know the blossoms, besides being beautiful, can be used for dye?
    My favorite flower discovery is kind of a rediscovery. I’ve always loved bougainvillea, but I recently discovered it can be used as a dye plant—and it grows like mad all over my front and back porch! My fingers are now stained purple from making dye. (:
    Thanks, Spence’sGirl, for following my blog, and coming to visit me sometimes. Glad I made it here to poke about!

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  2. I love how they seem like they are glowing! I used to have Morning Glories in my old house but I don’t remember them being this beautiful! I don’t know about it being a

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  3. Sorry, hit the wrong button! ….a favorite flower discovery but I recently discovered that the bush I planted in the corner of my yard a few years ago is called a Crepe Myrtle. It gets lovely pink blooms each summer and I always wondered what it was. Someone gave it to me as a gift years ago. Anyway, I downloaded an app that identifies plants. You take a photo and it tell you what it is. Neat, huh?

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