Poppies are a poppin’!


Each year it’s the same. I go from no poppies to one poppy to tons of poppies.

Thinking back to my early gardening days, I would purchase and plant packets of poppy seeds.  Never got a poppy; discouraged I came to believe I just didn’t have “the touch”.

Then a few years back I was at my stepdaughter’s home, admiring her beautiful poppies.  And I looked down.  “OMG” I thought.  I’d seen that foliage in my garden.  And pulled it out thinking it was weeds.  Every year.

Needless to say, I learned a valuable lesson and have grown poppies with great success, year after year ever since.

5 thoughts on “Poppies are a poppin’!

  1. Ohhh, lucky you! My seeds NEVER grow. I’ve been trying for poppies forever. Perhaps they know Alabama is too damn hot & crazy. ~amy

    1. Amy I feel your pain! I so admired poppies and couldn’t understand why they weren’t working out. Do your garden centers/greenhouses have them as they do in Michigan, already growing in pots in the perennials area? They love sun and heat. And if you get one good year they come back like clockwork. Good luck and thanks for visiting my blog!😊

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