59 Candles, 59 Things – Part One

Yesterday I celebrated my 59th birthday and thought “whew, those first 58 years went by fast”.

I think back on friends and family who didn’t see their 59th birthday and realize that the greatest gift we get is waking up each day, a fresh slate.  And as I mark my 59th year, I’ve decided instead of 59 candles (which face it – is a fire hazard) I’m going to share 59 things that make me happy, in random order (and over the next few weeks so I don’t create a novel…..)

First thing: Since I retired, just a few months before my 58th birthday, I’ve slowed down and am more aware and observant of things around me. A few weeks back, while floating in the pool at my stepmom’s house, I looked towards the sun and clouds and saw a rainbow, inverted so that it looked like a big smile.  I asked her if she saw it, she did not.  I took off my glasses – and though near-sighted, I could still see it.  It lasted for quite a while, regardless of where I floated.  I like to think it was my Dad sending me that rainbow.  Rainbows have always been one of my happy things. I wish I had a picture to share with you, but the picture in my mind is there forever.  Just because I was paying attention.

Second Thing: Just the other day, Spence and I were at an amazing place, having a couple of cold Shiner Bock and enjoying beautiful waterfalls.  I looked down and saw the coolest thing and shot this video.  At first I thought it was a piece of neon colored yarn…..

Stay tuned, 57 more things to come…..

7 thoughts on “59 Candles, 59 Things – Part One

  1. When I was reading your blog about the rain, it made me think of living in Western Washington state, where there is a lot of rain. I identified so with your likes and dislikes of it. Thanks.
    I want to invite you to join the Free Style Writing Challenge. I hope you will be able to.

  2. Happy Birthday! I think it’s really cool that you’re going to identify 59 things! Great idea! I’ll be waiting for them. (I am following you, right? If I didn’t hit the follow button, I’ll do it now. I LOVE your work and style!)
    Rainbows are also special for me. It’s one of the signs I asked the Lord for when I doubted His existence. They are a rare sight indeed! It’s interesting that your stepmom didn’t see the rainbow and YOU did. I’ve experienced that too. I saw a rainbow on a very cold, clear day last year. My husband scoffed, saying it was too cold for rainbows. My brother backed me up, saying he believed that I saw the rainbow if no one else did!

    1. Thanks so much Donna, I’m glad you’re enjoying this series. It just came to me as I woke up on this birthday and it’s fun, kind of like a happiness journal.
      I think those of us who see rainbows get a special glimpse of heaven. How can you not feel happy seeing something so amazing?

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