59 Candles, 59 Things – Part Two

Here is second installment of 59 random things that make me happy to mark my newly minted 59th year on earth.

Third thing: I mentioned yesterday a rainbow that appeared to me a few weeks ago on a sunny day.  It made me think of how many rainbows I missed when I was busy working, worrying about sales goals or life in general.  Not living in the moment. Since I retired (and also took up yoga and meditation) I’ve slowed down and seem to notice more.  Which made me remember this moment from our trip to Sedona last year. We were renting the most incredible house, on a hillside overlooking a valley – and all windows.  The night before we experienced a magnificent thunderstorm that was at once terrifying and magical, protected only by the windows surrounding us. We awoke the next morning to a steady but calm rain followed by brilliant sunshine streaming in.  I grabbed my iPhone telling Spence, “there’s got to be a rainbow” and went in search, looking up.  No rainbow.  Then I looked below me and there it was.  We were “over the rainbow”.  How cool is that? You simply need to know where to look!

In Sedona after the storm, the rainbow appeared below us, in essence, we were
In Sedona after the storm, the rainbow appeared below us, in essence, we were “over the rainbow”

Fourth thing: The next thing I have no picture of except as an indelible memory.  It was when we first traveled to Costa Rica.  Spence was renting a little house that had been made into a duplex in a barrio outside of Quepos.  It was on the main road and we would walk a mile into town – then back, three times a day.  We walked next to the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other so that when they lost power (at least once a day it seemed) and it was nighttime, we were plunged into total darkness on our walk.  Except if you looked up.  Then you saw the most miraculous sight, millions perhaps billions of stars.  Like diamonds sparkling against black velvet, I was transfixed and couldn’t look down.  It made me realize that the stars are always there but are masked by lights from below them and remain hidden.  The beauty of those stars left such an impression on me and I’m grateful for that glimpse of heaven.  Amazing.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest, to the photographer that captured this, I thank you!

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