I ❤️ Hydrangeas!

Spence and I went to the local greenhouse today in search of a replacement birdbath and mulch. While we didn’t see a birdbath that we loved, I bought the mulch while Spence bought me this gorgeous hydrangea. 


Spence also purchased this little flowering cactus on the left, full of white blossoms. 

We also got this little Pocketbook plant, named for the flowers that look like little handbags. 

And with my first greenhouse purchase behind me, so it begins…..

59 Candles, 59 Things – part thirty six

Forty fourth thing: For the next post in this series of things that make me happy, I’m amazed it’s taken until my forty fourth entry to talk about my nearly obsessive love of gardening.  Gardening makes me very happy.

Thanks to global warming, Michigan’s Spring comes sooner each year.  With cold though not freezing nights, plenty of sunny days and just enough rain, signs of life are abundant.  I have so many perennials and bulbs in various flowerbeds that are emerging from the earth that I feel my hands itching to get out and play in the dirt.  Today, I succumbed to that desire to do…..something. Too early to plant anything, nonetheless I had to get out there and start pulling out dead leaves, twigs and other debris while getting up close and personal with the new life.  Though only in the low 40’s, the full sun felt wonderful and I decided to make use of my energy by scrubbing down the entire deck, outdoor furniture and even scrubbing down half of my white privacy fence before I was too pooped to continue.  Spence followed behind me, spraying the suds and loosened dirt away.

And much to my surprise, I found the first flower of my 2016 garden in this tiny bloom, which made me very happy.

A miniature iris is a happy sight indeed!


For more of my series “59 Candles, 59 Things” click on “59 Things” under Categories. I started this series last May on my 59th birthday and am using it to feature 59 things that make me happy.

What makes you happy?


Iris Re-boot 2015

A few days ago I caught a glimpse of something white as I was heading out to run some errands.  Putting the car in reverse I slowly backed up. This is what I saw.

What’s happening? It’s past mid-September….

Then the following day, more beautiful irises.  I was getting a re-boot!

What a lovely surprise from Mother Nature.  I walked around my yard looking for signs of more iris life within the green fronds that remained from the Spring bloom.  I did see another one with some promise, as long as our Michigan Autumn remains warm.  If so, I’ll be sharing them with all of you.

And my Mom, who loves these more than any other flowers in my garden.  A Fall bouquet for Mom, for sure!

“Pink Turtleheads” – or What’s Blooming this Week

This perennial is always a late summer delight and these blooms started popping this week. Each year they spread a bit more. A very hardy perennial that does beautifully in the heat of the summer and in my experience they will bloom for 6-8 weeks, providing a lovely punch of color to our garden.


They really are called Pink Turtleheads.
Photobombing Bee

59 Candles, 59 Things – Part Twenty Two

For those of you who have followed my blog, you may have thought I abandoned this series. Fear not! I’ve just slowed it down. I started this series in May when I turned 59, dedicated to 59 Things that make me happy. I was on vacation at the onset and got almost halfway through when our Michigan summer turned beautiful, my garden beckoned…..I simply got sidetracked.

Thirtieth Thing: I love herbs – growing them and cooking with them. I often make a bouquet of them as a hostess gift.

While it isn’t hard to buy herbs year round, it’s not the same as walking out to the herb garden and snipping a few, just minutes before using them in a favorite recipe.

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Chives, Thyme, Mint
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Chives, Thyme, Mint
Garlic Chives
Beautiful Garlic Chives in bloom. Who knew?
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The Beauty of Morning Glories

This is the first year that I’ve grown Morning Glories.  My favorite daughter-in-law and I did a girl’s day out in early July that included visiting a favorite gardening center. While there I bought Morning Glories (following her lead – she’d spied them first). I planted them that night, right on the edge of the herb garden. The next morning I had one bloom and it was lovely.  Later that month, I had two blooms.  The other day I was out dead-heading and weeding when I noticed how much they had spread their vines around the low trellis surrounding the herb garden but it was afternoon and the blooms had closed. This morning there was no denying them, they were in full bloom, loads of blossoms. They begged to have their pictures taken for the blog. “Over here” they beckoned me. I couldn’t resist.

IMG_6692 IMG_6696 IMG_6690

What I love about these is the deep color with the lighter “throat”.  The dark color is almost iridescent and they appear to have little solar lights, lit from within.  I’m hooked! They are my 2015 Favorite Flower Discovery (that’s a thing as of today).

What’s your Favorite Flower Discovery for 2015?