6 thoughts on “32 Ways to use Essential Oils

  1. I am going to our natural foods
    store today to purchase some
    Essential oils and give some of
    these ideas a try, thank you for
    sharing this information!

    1. You’re welcome Becky! I’ve recently purchased a Young Living starter kit as well as having built up a number of these essential oils for use in my diffusers and in the bath products I’ve been making. I’m taking a class on January 20th and hope to continue learning new ways in which to use them!

  2. I recently started making my own personal care products and I’ve been considering essential oils to scent them. I’ve heard mixed reviews about how healthy they are though and I do know not to consume them. I suppose you just need to be careful about the source?

    1. Scarlet, at the time you posted your comment, I was attending an essential oils class! Speaking for the quality of Young Living Oils, there are some you can ingest, diffuse and others you must dilute. It was really interesting. One takeaway is to remember that oil and water don’t mix so if using in a bath, mix in with epsom salts or baking soda rather than pour into running water.(this explained an uncomfortable bath I had with Eucalyptus Oil awhile back – yow!) While many can be used topically with great benefits, our instructor advised trying a drop on the inside of your arm, rub in and wait 30 minutes. If the area appears red or shows a reaction, use coconut oil to dilute the oil on the effected area and know that this is one you should dilute. Have fun with Essential Oils – I’m loving them.

  3. we have so much in common❗️
    I am obsessed with essential oils
    DoTERRA Wellness Advocate
    and dabbling in making roller bottles
    making a travel package for Aruba🌻

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