Fun at the Gem Mine

A few days ago, Spence and I did something that we’d never done in 24+ years together. We went panning at a gem mine.  And I’ve got the pictures to prove it.

IMG_5693 2
At Friendly Falls Food & Stuff – where the beer is cold, the folks are friendly and you too can pan for gems!

We paid $10 for a bucket of “sand” (though we could see some crystals peeking through) and a little spade.  Directed down to the waterfalls, next to an old mill, was the panning area.

IMG_5694 2
Using these sifting trays to pan, fresh river water is cascading gently from the right.

By the end of our experience which was truly enjoyable, we got quite a haul including some really gorgeous crystals.

In a huge ziploc bag, ready to be cleaned and remove small leaves…

Once rinsed and all debris removed, here is our treasure! Fun, sun and a bag of gems for $10. Memory of good times with my guy = priceless.

10 thoughts on “Fun at the Gem Mine

    1. Will display the majority in some pretty pottery pieces, use a few in meditation perhaps gifting a few. We also have a jeweler and would love to see about having that citrine set into a pendant…if so, pictures will follow. 😊

      1. I will turn back and see what it will become then. I suddenly got a flash back to a trip to LEGOLAND with my children here in Denmark 26 years ago. They were searching for “gold” and after a lot of searching they got fine “gold” medals in red strings in exchange for the gravel they had found in the water. I still have the medals somewhere

    1. Our house is kind of a shrine to rocks, shells, beach glass, crystals and geodes (and occasionally driftwood and pine cones). Love nature!
      My Grandma used to walk the beach with me in Ft Lauderdale looking for shells. Fond memories. ❤️

    1. We do have fun! It’s great to share your life with someone who really “gets” you and is happy whether at home or on a roadtrip. Together we’ve got it all!❤️

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