6 thoughts on “In the Garden – Peony Tree

    1. The garden is especially beautiful this year and the weather has been perfection. It’s good for the body and mind to immerse myself. Sunshine, fresh air and surrounding myself with living things, including my clan of ferals who also love the garden. 😸


    1. Thank you Anita, I’m in Michigan and these are perennial so cold winters, sunny summers. This is planted where it gets a good 8 hours of sun, blooms in the spring and requires no extra plant food, special soil or watering. I planted it in a flower bed where there was once a large Ash tree and though the tree is died the garden is full of roots. So…..I’m thinking perhaps you’d find them easy to grow as they are easy. I also have regular peonies that are pretty spectacular and will be featured again this summer. Thank you for being a new follower of my blog! 😊

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