Travels in Aruba 2016 – part five

Each morning at Bucuti and Tara Beach Resort, we enjoyed the breakfast included with our stay (more about that in future posts, I promise).  Though we opted for indoor seating which provides a stellar view of the beach and ocean, many guests sit a bit closer outside on the deck.  On several occasions we saw this colorful bird and though we have no idea what kind it is, it didn’t diminish our enjoyment as he stopped in after the guests departed, looking for a bite of croissant or a nibble on a piece of papaya.

2 thoughts on “Travels in Aruba 2016 – part five

  1. Oh, how gorgeous, what a beautiful little bird 🙂 I hope you left him a nibble 🙂 The outlook is beautiful, look at that colour of the water, and its so calm ! Stunning pics. x

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