Blogger Recognition Award

I’d like to accept the Blogger Recognition Award from Anne at the fabulous blog, If you haven’t visited her site – particularly if you are a foodie, go there right now! Her food is plated like works of art and the recipes are tantalizing as well as being healthy and primarily gluten free.  I thank you Anne for the nomination and her support of my blog.

There are a few rules:

  1. Explain why you started blogging
  2. Nominate some other bloggers
  3. Comment on their blogs to let them know you’ve nominated them

Why I started blogging?   For a number of years I’ve been talking about writing.  A novel, a cookbook, travel stories, a children’s book about the colony of feral cats that Spence and I care for in our backyard? I just knew the desire was there and when I retired (2/28/14), I could no longer use the “no time” excuse to put off my writing.

My BFF found a great local author to teach a creative writing group which she hosted in her lovely home (with yummy treats and wine…what fun).  Much to my surprise, it incorporated learning poetry styles and on-the-spot writing assignments – totally out of my comfort zone.  I enjoyed that “push” to expand my horizons and found that I was able to rise to the challenge, inspired from being amongst like-minded women.  It was a safe and nuturing environment and it got me started.

On the evening of Halloween 2014, I launched my blog after preliminary research on where to host it.  I’m pretty tech-savvy and found WordPress easy to use, with tech support at the ready when needed.  Blogging appealed to me on so many levels -sharing personal stories, recipes, humor, travel and garden photography as well as featuring my (now famous) cats, Tipper and Biscotti and new things I’m learning. I love the flow of blogging and the lovely support by those who visit, comment and/or follow me. Blogging means more to me than I ever expected and now I can’t imagine life without this creative outlet. 

Nominate fellow bloggers:

lifeat28andcounting.wordpress.comunder the AKA of Scarlet Pen, this blogger covers everything from great (healthy) recipes to tips on life, marriage, wellness and her adorable dog. There’s alot to like about this blog and I hope you’ll check her out! – this comprehensive blog provides an extensive repetoire of ice cream, gelato, sorbet and countless other “cool” recipes, coupled with amazing photography. Her posts make my mouth water and even during our frigid winter weather, I find myself compelled to make something cold and refreshing… – I’ve been following this blog for some time and am so drawn to Mitza’s stunning photography. Her subjects include “flowers in macro, views of decay, fine arts”. She has an incredible talent capturing the perfect photos. She loves photographing doors in her travels, something we have in common. She is an artist (illustration) and has studied jewelry design with a goldsmith, now making her own jewelry in silver, gold and with gemstones. 

I hope you’ll click on the links to these nominees, all terrific and interesting blogs, worthy of this nomination.


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