Travels in Aruba – part twelve

Our next stop in the exploration of Aruba’s beauty is the Natural Bridge, which I recall seeing some 30 years ago on my first visit here.

The Aruba Natural Bridge was a tourist attraction in Aruba that was formed naturally out of coral limestone. It collapsed on September 2, 2005. The natural arch, measuring approximately 25 feet (7.6 m) high and 100 feet (30 m) long, was the remnant of an ancient cave. (source Google Search)

Having read this little blurb via Google explains alot as I recall it being different. In fact I’m quite sure we were able to walk onto a beach below it and across the top when I was last here.  The island of Aruba, while small, has such diverse terrain and after a long and desolate, bumpy ride in our rental car, we arrived to this rather wild part of the coastline.  Waves crash against the shore with force and it is quite beautiful to witness, if not a bit scary.  There were people there who climbed way out onto areas where the waves were coming in hard and nearly swept them away.  All in the interest of a great photo I suppose.  I was happy that Spence didn’t feel the need to climb down there.  But we did get great pics both at the Natural Bridge and at spots on the way out.

Here’s proof:

4 thoughts on “Travels in Aruba – part twelve

  1. so this area is accessible without taking a Land Rover tour ? we are renting a jeep & may be brave enough to follow in your footsteps/flip flops 😎 want to see the Natural Pool🌀 and the balance rocks & the chapel💙

    1. Thank you! We took our little rental car and no problem going any of those places. Do take sunscreen as you’re so close to the equator. You’ll love it!!

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