Travels in Aruba – part seven

Just up the road, situated along the coast between the low-rise and high-rise hotel areas in Palm Beach Aruba, is the Butterfly Farm.  Spence and I spied it on our way to the California Lighthouse and decided we would go there the following day.

Arriving around noon, we entered through a nice gift shop with lots of pretty butterfly related items. A young man met us and said a tour was ready to start and that if we’d proceed into the butterfly farm, we could pay the tour fee when we were done.

Our guide was a very knowledgeable and exuberant Aruban girl.  With her sparkling personality and beautiful smile, she taught us about mating practices, laying of eggs, different phases of the developement stages of the butterflies, showing us actual examples of these attached to certain plants. So much more than caterpillars! We learned of the different types of butterflies that have been brought to Aruba and the two climate zones within the farm – some with more sun, others shaded, water features and certain plants that butterflies need for food and propagating. And all this while butterflies were flying and landing on or around us.  Spence and I spent many years in Costa Rica so that when we saw not one or two but countless Morpho Butterflies fluttering by us, we were thrilled. Morphos are like iridescent royal blue holograms in flight.

Being midday and given the water features, it was very steamy and by the time we exited, we looked as though we’d jumped into a pool fully clothed.  That said, it was totally worth it and should be a place for young and old to visit while in Aruba.

The video is just a few of the many Morpho Butterflies in flight.

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