Super Cole Slaw

If you are new to Spence’s Girl you may not be aware of my love of cooking. I come by it naturally as I’m from a family of wonderful cooks and grew up learning first by watching, then participating. One of my family mentors was my Grandpa Fox who retired in his 40’s and became passionate about cooking, taking over nearly 100% of their meals from shopping to preparation. I cherish those memories. I’ve been feeling nostalgic for recipes I grew up with lately and I hope you’ll want to try this one, my Grandpa’s cole slaw recipe.  It’s light and refreshing on these dog days of summer and a change-up from the usual creamy cole slaw.


serves 12                 Weight Watchers Smart Points 3

For the dressing:

1/2 t coarse ground black pepper
1 t dry mustard
2 t celery seed
4 T sugar
2 t salt
6 T salad oil
2/3 c vinegar

Mix well, pour over:

5-7 c chopped cabbage
2 T chopped red pepper (or pimento)
1/4 c chopped green pepper
1/4 c grated onion

While you could make this and serve it the same day, it is increasingly better with 24 hours (or longer) to marinate.  And it’s a great dish for a potluck as it travels well. Enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Super Cole Slaw

  1. Thank you Frances! I love this for the same reason, it is really refreshing and different than other slaws. I haven’t had it in ages. I know my Grandpa would love knowing I’m enjoying it and sharing it with others.

  2. ooh ooh ooh – now I know what the family recipe is you were making. Hotdog! Can’t remember when I would have last had this and I love it!!!!!!!!! And how nice you could make the day before. Love dishes like that when you are entertaining.

  3. This looks pretty good and I’m not usually a slaw lover! You should check out my new blog. You might like it! I try to focus on healthy cooking, but I’m not fanatical about it. You can find it at Good luck to you!

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