The Next Time I Hear “Have a nice day”……


By nature I’m not confrontational.  I like to think I’m friendly and sincere. But lately I’ve found that the words “have a nice day” are said out of habit and in a tone that sounds less than genuine, even sarcastic at times. Is it just me?

Not to rant, but aren’t there people we encounter that create such mayhem, animosity and general unhappiness instead of saying “have a nice day” you’d prefer to smile, nod and let karma do what karma does?

Wouldn’t it be great to live your life in a way that having the type of day you deserve would be it’s own reward?

7 thoughts on “The Next Time I Hear “Have a nice day”……

      1. It’s so true. At work, i gotta say something nice liked “have a nice day” even if they’re a horrible customer. That other quote about karma was so witty.

  1. That’s such a good point and something I’d never thought about before. I have used “have a nice day” as a sarcastic expression for years. I recently had a spat with a neighbor and my “have a nice day, thanks for stopping by” was intended as “get the hell off my property you crazy bat.” I’m not sure I’ve ever wished anyone a nice day and meant it as a good thing. Great insight!

    1. I love it! I’ve decided, when possible to break that habit and try something that will at least make me feel less robotic, more original.
      And I must ask, has that neighbor stayed away?

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