59 Candles, 59 Things – Part Eight

Thirteenth thing:  Waterfalls always make me happy.  Sometimes you expect them – as in Niagara Falls. You know you’re going to see them upon arrival and they are magnificent, powerful and unrelenting as they flow and crash without a pause.

Other waterfalls have presented themselves by accidental discovery such as during our travels years back, in Costa Rica. Our friend Carlos had an incredible piece of property – ranch, mountains, caves and he promised, waterfalls. To get to those falls, we would have to go on horseback, then tie up and hike in. These hidden, private falls were pristine and we sat in pools at the bottom, letting the cascading water refresh us from the long, hot ride to get there.

Another couple (Americans) that we met in Costa Rica, were renting a home up in the mountains, very secluded. Don and Dale had chosen the location because they were nudists, (we opted to pass on trying that when invited for the weekend – “no matter” said Don). Driving in their open jeep, on increasingly smaller “roads”, through streams and over rock slides we finally stopped.  Following Don, we hiked, hearing the falls before we could see them.  Again, it appeared that we were the only humans who’d made this trek and for the next hour, we floated and marveled at the spectacular majesty of these waterfalls. The splendor of nature.

In our travels recently, Spence and I returned to a place where we’d found not only waterfalls but a place where you could enjoy them while enjoying an ice cold beer.  And they didn’t disappoint.

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