For the Writing 101 Assignment for Day Two, participants were asked to be transported to a place we’d want to go to right now, our “room with a view”, the back story and how it affects us.

Where I want to go right now:  In a few short weeks, Spence and I will be heading back to this place; I simply need to be patient. It is a place we’ve vacationed every year since we discovered it.


The Back Story:  A number of years ago, I found a place on homeaway.com that Spence and I now think of as our second home.  Located in the midst of the woods, through a valley, up a winding hillside adjacent to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee, it is a haven for Spence and I.  Here we reconnect with each other and nature, recharge and relax.  A log-built home, perfect for two and with no one else in sight.  Our haven.


The “Room with a View” and How it Affects Us:  With a balcony off the loft and one off the bedroom, these are our windows to the sunrise, rainfall, woodlands and wildlife. I rise early and climb the stairs to the loft, a steaming cup of tea in my hand and a soft blanket to wrap around me. I inhale the pine scented air, breathe in the dew on the leaves as I feel the steam from the tea against my face.


I sense the breeze and watch the sun as it peeks through the leaves.


I listen closely for signs of wildlife as we’ve seen bears here but am more likely to see butterflies and squirrels.  I meditate and enjoy the solitude, grateful for everything good in my life.

During the day and into the evening, our balconies draw Spence and I to them.  Here we read, talk about everything or nothing, happily observe and enjoy being together. With many a glass of wine or beer, we’ve toasted each other as daylight fades into twilight then to dark.

At least once every trip, it rains. At times intense then soft, it’s always welcome at night when it lulls us to sleep.  Last year on our first night while sipping a glass of wine, we heard the rain start to fall. I stood and leaned against the railing with my face and arms stretched forward.  Spence held me and we remained there, suspended in the moment, letting the mist cover us.

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  1. I love the mountains of Tennessee too. We have friends that live in Sevierville and the year before last we were able to spend Thanksgiving there. Lovely photos and descriptions as well. Thank you for sharing.

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