Writing 101: Building a Blogging Habit – First Assignment


Having started my blog on Halloween 2014, I only was certain that I wanted to write – and often.  Since retiring in February 2014 (and for years prior) I’d been talking about writing – a book, a cookbook, poems, short stories, a novel, children’s book……lots of aspirations.  Then the reality of being retired took hold and a whole world of interests, new and established, were mine to explore.  I did start a writing class early on and that got the creative juices flowing.  I found I could write poetry – and was amazed at what came out of my head and heart.  But still I didn’t really start writing in earnest until I committed to spencesgirl.wordpress.com.

What I expected:  Everyone who knew me would read it.

What I didn’t expect:  A lot of people who know me aren’t reading it either because they’re too busy living their own lives or are simply not that interested in checking it out.  But I also found out that’s okay with me.  It’s my “thing”.

What I truly didn’t expect:  People I’ve never met (from at last count 27 countries) have visited my blog.  That surprised me in a major way and continues to be an exciting and validating part of the blogging process.  Also, I’m amazed by the variety of people who’ve discovered my blog and have expressed an interest. From teenagers to professional chefs, photographers and stand-up comedians, male, female, gay and straight, parents, fashionistas, home cooks and world travelers.  And a lot of people like me who are grateful for a venue to share their random thoughts, humor, frailties and passions.  It’s been my pleasure to meet you and consider this a virtual hug!

I have days when I wake up early and feel compelled to start writing immediately until the urgency passes and whatever needed to be said has been written.  Other days, I just don’t have as much to say but may find a picture or quote that speaks to me in a humorous or inspiring way.  Or my cats do something too adorable, I snap a picture with my trusty i-phone and upload it.  Or I’m combing through the thousands of pictures I’ve taken while traveling and see something I’d like to share.

Most of all, I feel safe in this blog-o-sphere where we co-exist.  I love getting feedback as well as discovering new blogs and sharing feedback.  It’s cozy, positive and makes me want to get up each day and do it again.

Today’s Writing 101 Assignment was to free-write for 20 minutes.

And for all my fellow bloggers, keep doing what you’re doing as long as it makes you happy, no rules – just write!

8 thoughts on “Writing 101: Building a Blogging Habit – First Assignment

  1. Oh, also wanted to mention when I clicked on your link on the Commons, it didn’t work. If you add https:// to it, it should go through alright.

  2. Even before I found your words, you got me with the bunny! Oh so cute!
    Isn’t it interesting that we’re getting people filing into and enjoying our blogs, who we’ve never met before, but those who have been with us for like ever, are off doing their own thing. Weird. But maybe not. Writing, like life are an occasion, to which we should rise. 🙂

    1. I know, right? I was just sure my family and friends who love me and find me hilarious would be ardent fans of my blog, waiting for each new post with bated breath.
      Reality check. 😝
      I think what it comes down to is we must do our own thing and be happy with the new pals who find us on this playground called the blogosphere. And anyone else who pops in to hang out.
      It’s all good. 🙏

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