Moving Mom – Part Fourteen or Minutia & Adios to the POD

March 15th – Today Mom is up before me yet again, cleaning the white open metal shelving in her bedroom closets – with a toothbrush.  I have to admire her ethics and attention to detail, she just wants the new owners to be happy when they walk in. After I finish breakfast, I take one hour at the pool, almost certainly my last.

The POD is picked up tomorrow and I’ve moved everything that will go into the car onto the lanai so that we get a visual of what we’re dealing with. That leads to a decision put some of those things into the POD rather than cram the car.  I do a final vacuuming of the entire house so we can pack the vacuum.  We’re now in the “final stretch”.  Every drawer – emptied and wiped out, every closet – a double check of the shelves. Important papers for her new apartment – lease, POD contract etc. must be packed in the car as we’ll be back in Michigan before it’s delivered.  The computer and her flat screen TV are padded and will accompany us in the car so that I can hook those up when we get back as Comcast will come 3/27 to hook it up, deliver her DVR and cable boxes.

We have lunch with our take-out Tiramisu from Bianca’s last night. Excellent. Mom takes a well deserved power nap after lunch while I prep dinner – tacos, guacamole and chips. Using the one cutting board, large saucepan and a paring knife (left for the new owners) I chop the romaine, tomatoes, avocado then brown the ground beef and onions.  When Mom gets up we decide to have our Root Beer Float Break (this is now our mid-day treat and most refreshing).  More packing and before you know it, it’s time for our Mexican Fiesta.

Having not received an email from the POD people about pick-up tomorrow, I check online.  Scheduled but no time indicated, Mom calls but after waiting forever, can’t hear the guy when she does get a human then the call disconnects.  Operating on telepathy, we look at each other and head to the garage, load those final items in the POD, tie them down, lock it.

It’s a beautiful Monday morning….

March 16th – We’re both up early, I check email – nothing from the POD people.  As I pour my second cup of tea I hear something – the beep-beep-beep of a truck backing up.  Running to the front door, I see that the truck is here at 7:30 a.m. to pick up the POD.  Hurrah!

Buh-bye POD, happy trails to you…..

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