Moving Mom Part Fifteen or Nearing the Finish Line, Ready or Not

It's all about staying positive. It’s all about staying positive.

March 16th p.m. – This afternoon, Mom took the car to be detailed at a car wash just a few miles away (Spence had discovered this place).  For $26, they did a phenomenal job including bringing her $50 in cash ($20 and 3 $10’s) that she must have stashed under the seat in the past and never missed.  She was stunned, tipped the young guy $5 and was so happy with how clean the car was.  With the POD gone, she could park in the garage for the first time in a week (I’d been moving it each night to the clubhouse). She stopped over to say a quick goodbye to long-time friend Don and his family, who are visiting and know her well.  Her neighbor, Arky, invited us for tea, coffee cake, pineapple and candy – and a short goodbye visit.  Back to the house, she went back to work on cleaning those shelves in her bedroom closets and bathroom.  This on top of having sprayed any little driveway weeds with weedkiller and picking up all the old hibiscus blossoms from under the tree.  Needless to say, I got dinner ready and she flopped down to the table, ate, requested another glass of wine (so I opened another bottle) and then crawled off to the living room to catch a few minutes of the evening news.  She asked me to clean up the kitchen.  “Including loading your dishwasher?” I asked incredulously.  “Yes”, she replied (nearly comatose).  My Mom loads her dishwasher with a shoehorn after first nearly scrubbing them till they are 95% clean.  I’ve NEVER been allowed to load her dishwasher.  Clearly, she was tired….really tired.

She just took her shower, in hopes of reviving herself enough to get through at least the first hour of Dancing with the Stars.  You may laugh (but don’t judge) that we planned the return of the DVR to Comcast to fall the day after the Season Premiere of this much loved show.  If she doesn’t make it till the end, we’ll watch it in the morning, then unhook it and back it goes, no more TV for us.

Stay tuned….

2 thoughts on “Moving Mom Part Fifteen or Nearing the Finish Line, Ready or Not

  1. My heart goes out to your mom as she says her goodbyes to everyone. I am sure that her fatigue is as much emotional as physical. Her meticulous dishwashing details make me smile. My mom was very much the same when it came to loading the dishwasher!

    1. Yes, I know that there must be a generation thing about not trusting dishwashers to do their job. Me, I just toss everything in helter-skelter and everything comes out sparkling!

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