Moving Mom – Part Five or The Day Before the Pod People Arrive

March 8th – I slept in, even with losing an hour to Daylight Savings Time.  I knew Mom was going to church at 8.  She loves this church and had to say goodbyes today to people she’s become very close to. Most special is Pat who is in her 90’s, who she sits with every week and that goodbye was emotional.

When I got up I found a note proclaiming “Baked Oatmeal – delicious”.  I’d made it the night before using my recipe (featured under “Recipes” category on this blog) with a few modifications as I was working with the ingredients at hand.  I had to agree, it was great.  As I was finishing breakfast, she returned and we discussed what we need to accomplish for the day.  She had some paperwork to sort through so I decided to skip over to the pool for a bit. (no I didn’t actually skip, I’m 58)

The most perfect pool day!
The most perfect pool day!

With a robust breeze accompanied by a brilliant blue sky and puffy clouds, it was probably the most glorious pool day ever.  I arrived a bit before noon, sure that on a Sunday the pool would be crowded.  It was empty!  Only a 2-3 people in their respective lounge chairs, I dipped my hand in the water to find it pleasantly warm.  Dropped off my iPhone and Kindle, towel and flip flops and took advantage of having the pool to myself.  It was heaven and when I did get out, I had to wrap up in my towel because that breeze felt cool even though it was 81 degrees.  I read for a while, took a call from Spence who put Tipper (one of my kitties) on the phone to say hi (I did most of the talking).

Tipper, as I imagine he looked hearing my voice but wondering when he’ll ever see me again. Soon, kitten, soon.

I finally forced myself to go back after 1 1/2 hours but no complaints, it was perfection.

Had a quick lunch, finishing off the yet another freezer container.  Quick shower and then back to trip preparation/organization.  Mom had cleaned out the car while I was gone so we reviewed what would stay (provisions for the road) and assessed the size of the trunk and backseat.  What doesn’t get loaded into the Pod, must to go in the car – or be left behind.  Got notification that the Pod will arrive tomorrow afternoon, right on schedule.  With the Pod people coming, tomorrow will be an eventful day. We accomplished more today, especially Mom, sorting paperwork and her desk.  At one point we high five’d, then fist bumped.  For the life of me, I can’t recall why, only that we were celebrating progress or another good idea, perhaps both. I guess it’s not important, it simply illustrates our positivity.

That's one way to look at it.  We'll choose positive, it's just who we are.
That’s one way to look at it. We’ll choose positive, it’s just who we are.

So our message to you Pod People, “Bring it!”

It’s a long journey and I hope you’re enjoying it….more to come from the Moving Mom series here at, thanks for joining us.

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