Moving Mom Part Four – or the Day We Got Back on Track

March 7th – Mom’s feeling so much better though the morning is a bit gloomy.  Considering she’s much peppier and motivated, I’ve decided to ditch pool time and follow her lead.

I thought it might be nice to share a picture of Mom since she's giving me a lot of blog material.
I thought it might be nice to include a picture of Mom since she’s giving me a lot of blog material for the “Moving Mom” series. And I should clarify, this picture was taken at a different time.  She doesn’t drink wine for breakfast. (at least not in front of me)

Mom’s Freezer –  A little back story for those who’ve never lived with or visited my Mom.  Though a widow for many years, she prepares a complete meal nearly every night. Entrée, salad, wine, veggie and a roll, pasta, rice or potato and a little something sweet in the evening. As a result, she always has leftovers of some quantity that end up in the freezer filling empty containers which once held cottage cheese, sour cream etc.  She’s pretty good about labeling but prior to the upcoming move, her freezer was either “gold mine or land mine”.  And by that I mean – something really good or something that’s beyond recognition.  And she’s a “dab saver” meaning she wastes nothing so lots of tiny “packets” of stuff. Some of it is comical and we laugh as we toss it. Before she knew she was moving, her freezer was filled to capacity. It must be hereditary as this explains why I need to jump back when opening my own overstuffed freezer for fear of frozen objects landing on my always bare feet.

The plan: identify, pitch or keep.  She compiles a list of what we’re keeping while I consolidate multiple small packets of ground beef, rotisserie chicken etc., into larger marked ziplock bags. Now we know what’s left to use up for our final meals at home.  I’m very creative in the kitchen and a “Chopped” junkie (reference: The Food Network). I love to discover random refrigerator, freezer and pantry items to whip up a gourmet meal sans recipes.  My mind is already at work.

After a short break, we make serious in-roads into both her large and small pantry. I carry donation items to her car and clear the garage of numerous recyclable items.  We eat a tasty dinner of “found leftovers”.

Only once have we locked horns ( probably overstating). Mom was determined to fit the guest room lamp (without the shade) into the same box as her very large, old fashioned milkshake machine.  I’m talented at “spatial capacity” and I told her “no way in hell it will fit”.  She is just as determined that it will.  After a stand-off,  we agree to unplug and de-shade/de-bulb the lamp so that she can try it.  Needless to say I was right.

I'm almost always right. Just ask Spence.
I’m almost always right. Just ask Spence.

But we have to pack that lamp as it’s moving anyway so now it’s ready for it’s own box. After dinner I throw together a batch of baked oatmeal, thus using up more pantry and fridge items including the frozen raspberries in the freezer.  Her brown sugar is packed so I improvise with a combination of white sugar and real maple syrup.  While it bakes, we cue the DVR for the latest Shark Tank and watch while enjoying the last of our Key Lime Pie.

I shall remember this as the day we got back on track.

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