Moving Mom – Part Two or It’s Not Only About Packing

March 4th – I awake and realize I’m in Florida, out of the sub-zero, frozen tundra of Michigan.  Lovely. Over breakfast I can see that Mom, who’s by now on her third dose of antibiotic, seems sick but is hanging in there.  We start talking about the tasks at hand and I start my “take-charge/bouncing off” ideas that are cascading out of my amped-up, moving-motivated brain. She’s grateful and all too happy to have someone else suggest ideas on packing the POD which will be dropped off 3/9 and once loaded with her worldly goods, taken away on 3/16.  We discuss our road trip north (I-75 to Michigan) and the importance of stocking in a few bottles of wine (we could be stranded in dry counties!) for the road as well as Kindles and Dominoes.

Part of this trip is the nostalgic last-time tour of my favorite spots. We decide that today is as good as any to drive out to Fisherman’s Village in Punta Gorda for lunch at my favorite seafood restaurant.  Off we go, with me driving her car (a good plan since we’ll share the drive north) and make a bee-line for the Village Fish Market Restaurant.  Our tradition, order the basket of Fried Mozzarella and Zucchini appetizer to split (served with ranch and honey mustard) and I get the fried oyster entree with their exceptional onion rings and the jalapeño cornbread.  I can only say that there is NOWHERE ON EARTH that does fried food any better! (check my Trip Advisor review if you think I’m embellishing)  I almost weep thinking “will I ever be here again?” but suck it up so I don’t make Mom cry as well.  She even makes a point as we’re leaving to say goodbye to their bartender who’s waited on us in the past and is exceptional.  (Sigh)

March 5th – Mom is really sick today. I’m concerned based on her past. Some years back she had a horrific sinus infection that lasted seven months during which she lost 20% of her body weight (and she can’t keep weight on – and yes, lest you ask, she is my birth mother – sadly she didn’t pass on this trait to my sister and I. Sigh again.) She’s now losing her voice and looks (as I did the week prior) like a kitten could kick her ass.  I’m still in the take-charge mode but know she’s grateful and frankly doesn’t even care what I’m doing.  She just wants to lie down and sleep. I decide to get out of her hair and do some pool time since I think my hyper-activity is stressing her out.

I’m at the pool, hanging out and showing off the pedicure. This picture makes my legs look huge.  Oh well.
The view from the pool, oh how I'll miss this.
The view from the pool, oh how I’ll miss this.

I come back in time to freshen up and meet her Financial Advisor who’s arranged to stop by. I get her out of bed to join us and her voice is down to a squeak.  She looks like she’s barely hanging on.  I think she’s on the wrong antibiotic but she wants to stick with it till the next morning so I back off my “Dr. Laura” routine.  I take out the recycle bin and notice the night sky is full of stars and the moon is magnificent.  I run for my i-phone to capture it.

My attempt to capture what cannot be described. Not bad but seeing it while standing outside in shorts and sandals at 9 p.m. is a different experience. Take my word for it.

Tomorrow is another day, hoping Mom is improved or I’ll be hog-tying her and dragging her to the doctor!

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    1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I’m so happy to be in the warm and sunny Florida weather. Eating grapefruit each day, no coats, boots and the like. I’ve hardly left the house this winter since I’m retired I’ve figured what’s the point? Hoping by the time Mom and I start the road trip mid-month, these storms will cease to wreak havoc on the roads and we can sail through without delays. Fingers crossed.

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