Moving Mom – Part One or So It Begins

March 3rd – I got out of Michigan – barely. About 90% recovered from an upper respiratory infection (with a setback the day prior) I awoke feeling pretty good. I typically fly out of Flint’s Bishop Airport, very close to home.  However, when I booked my flight, the only non-stop left from Detroit on Spirit.  I’ve flown from Detroit many times, typically an hour+ from home.  As I fixed my tea, I was delighted to see sun and clear skies.  Hurrah!  I’m not a relaxed flier and had misplaced the guardian angel pin that has adorned my shoulder for every flight in the last 25 years.

Then I got up for my second cup of tea.  As I entered the kitchen, much to my horror a blizzard was in full swing.  What? Why? I felt a little cramp in my gut. I headed up to finalize my packing, this time I found my guardian angel pin. OK, feeling better.  By the time we left, several inches had accumulated.  Just trying to get down our street (which is a main road) we realized that freezing rain had fallen first and we could barely keep the SUV on the road.  Great.  With Spence driving, I checked with Spirit, my 2:55 flight was now pushed back to 4:36 but hadn’t been cancelled.  Then the weather took a turn – to freezing rain.  Little ice pellets pelting the windshield, vehicles off the road around every turn.  A huge white pick-up passed us, spun out, hit the cement barrier, bounced off and shot backwards right at us.  Just missed us and landed off the road. Yikes.  Spence, God love him, is a great driver but grumbled in a tense voice “from now on we won’t fly unless we can leave from Flint” the thought that had already run through my head.  Lunch and cocktails at Metro’s TGI Fridays, followed by three gate changes, boarding at 5:30, de-iced and wheels up by 6:15 p.m.  Success!

Safe in Ft Myers, a balmy evening. Mom picked me up at baggage claim, a big smile followed by “Don’t hug me, I’m sick”.  Arriving late, she had things for a light dinner/snack but apologized for not having the house “picked up”. I reminded her of the reason I’m here – to help her pack up her home of the last 26 years and move her back to Michigan.  I expected boxes, empty picture hooks and the like.  The house had sold quickly and she’s been working nearly every day since on the process of “take it, give away or pitch it”.  That said, I did feel a twinge of sadness as we’ve had so many happy memories here.

Lots o’ boxes.  And more to do! Stay tuned……

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