Lion or Fox? That is the question…..

I dedicate this post to Jules who posed the question in the first place and has gotten me to explore my mind, my soul and the universe in which I exist. As a Lion.

Yesterday was my yoga class with Jules from whom I take private instruction every two weeks. She is my teacher, guru and guide, responsible for my increased physical capacity as well as the expansion of my mind.  She is light, love and inspiration, always positive. Besides time on the mat our time encompasses meditation, chanting and discussion of yoga philosophy. This time Jules presented a challenge to me, along with a pen and a legal pad. While she read a brief story, I was asked to consider as I listened, “Am I a Lion or a Fox.” I was then asked to write which I was and why. While it was a spontaneous exercise, it was surprisingly revealing and spot-on.

This is what I wrote in case you’d like to read it.  And hey, ask yourself – which are you?

I am a Lion

Like a Lion, I take charge of things; it is and has been my role to be a leader.

A lion is decisive and watchful, as am I.  

Out of necessity, the lion provides (and in my case) prepares the food for others. 

As a Lion, I’m fiercely protective of my family and friends.  I can roar when provoked but take measures not to show my claws, unless there is good reason to do so.

Like a Lion, I’m wise, sought out for my knowledge and I’m a survivor. 

I’ve created a warm and comfortable “den”and share it with others with whom I feel a kinship.  

I’ve created a safe haven for a colony of feral cats, providing food, water, shelter. While a Fox might threaten them, I ward off threats.  Sometimes with a roar.  

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  1. Spence girl I’d like to share on Facebook the Gilbert meditation post? Part of it anyway! It’s perfect and says it all!! The quote about most people quit when meditation is getting difficult.. I’ll try and copy and paste or maybe you can tag it on j living page

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