Scenes from Europe – Lake Geneva, after dark

For those who saw my earlier post featuring the fondue recipe and story of the “underground” fondue restaurant may recall that Spence and I spent time in Switzerland some years back.  To reach this spot, my cousin Kristin, Spence and I walked out on a pier where we dined surrounded by the beauty of Lake Geneva after dark.

Not a professional photographer but armed with my trusty Nikon Coolpix, I was captivated by the reflections of the city lights in the inky water around us.  The result is less perfection and more “artsy-fartsy” but not unlike my post “Tunnel Travel” (same trip) I have re-evaluated and find these both interesting and pleasing.  The memories of this trip are forever etched in my mind.




Two Left Feet?

Spence has traveled extensively and is the world’s lightest packer.  He is a huge procrastinator about it, last minute – even for trips that lasted months.  Let’s say it’s been a point of contention with us over our years together.

He’s currently visiting his best friend Nick in Ft Lauderdale, having packed about five minutes before we left for the airport. Now that I’m retired, meditating daily, doing yoga (quite “zen”, you get it) I’ve adopted the attitude “don’t fight it.”  Live and let live. And accept that my guy, now 71, isn’t likely to change and truth be told, I wouldn’t want him to.

So when he called me from Nick’s and told me that he’d opened his bag to get out his flip-flops only to find that he’d packed two left ones.  After I quit laughing, I went up to find the mates to document his flip-flop faux pas.

Two right flip-flops didn't make the trip to Ft Lauderdale.
Spence’s two right flip-flops didn’t make the trip to Ft Lauderdale.