Returning to Tennessee – part two

I rose every morning before daybreak to watch the sun rise, hear birdsongs in the trees as I sipped tea. Who’d want to sleep through this?
These gliders were my favorite place to sit to enjoy my view any time of day…..a close second – the hot tub.
Sunrise over Wears Valley
In love with this view.
The kitchen had everything I needed to prepare meals (except my cast iron skillet which I brought with me) as well as peppers and herbs from my garden. You may notice 3 bottles of red wine, those would be mine. ūüć∑
Cozy cabin
Dreamy bed, slept like a baby each night which is rare for me, so restorative.
Jacuzzi tub, perfect for a daily soak. #relaxationisgood

Scenes from Nevada

The beauty of Nevada continues to thrill me. Since my sister and brother-in-law moved here last fall I’ve made several trips and am more in love with it each time.

One of the highlights, the pool at sunset overlooking the iconic Las Vegas strip, surrounded by mountains.

Scenes from Las Vegas – Springs Preserve

from Wikipedia: Las Vegas Springs Preserve consists of 180 acres dedicated to nature walks and displays and is owned and operated by the Las Vegas Valley Water District. The Preserve is located approximately three miles west of downtown Las Vegas.

My recent trip to Nevada included a family reunion which in and of itself was filled with a lot of laughter, simultaneous conversations and catching up on each others lives. That would have been more than enough but my sister, a new Nevada resident, had researched area attractions that would appeal to our gang. Not only was Springs Preserve a huge hit, it was much more than we could’ve anticipated. We availed ourselves two of the many offerings, the Butterfly Habitat and the Botanical Gardens.

Scenes from Aruba, part four

And of course, I’d have to do an Aruba food post…not every meal but here’s a few faves!

Grilled Grouper – nothing like fresh seafood

Dushi’s Mac Attack Burger Рyes that’s right a perfect burger topped with Mac and Cheese Рand bacon. I mean seriously, how can you see that and not order it? Yum!

Superfood is an exceptional grocery store with an amazing bakery

Dessert for breakfast, it’s a vacation, right?

A tradition from every trip to Aruba, Toasty Cheese at the Old Dutch Bar at the airport with a glass of wine before flying home. ¬†Loaded with creamy, gooey Gouda, grilled Panini style. ¬†It’s an end of vacation treat. ¬†Until my next trip…..

Scenes from Aruba, part one

Immediately after losing Spence I remember thinking of those beloved places we’d vacationed and that I’d never go back; it would be too sad.

It’s been almost two years and the many happy memories have helped me remember our enjoyment of traveling together. I know for sure, he’d be sad if I wasn’t traveling.

Late last August my friends, Jeanne, Frank and I discussed a trip to Aruba. Soon we’d settled on a date, found a gorgeous condo on the northern part of the island and plans were finalized.

Leaving Michigan the day before the polar vortex (a brilliant stroke of luck) we arrived for a week in Aruba, a place that held special memories for me, with new ones to be made. Today as I await my return flight, I feel a sense of calm, a renewed love of this amazing place and a certainty that Spence would applaud my return.

Here is the first post of several to follow.

Self Care, part thirteen & my second solo trip


In my last post I talked about my first solo trip since losing Spence and how empowering it felt to reconnect with my love of travel and regain the confidence to do it alone.

The winter of 2018 seemed longer, colder and drearier than any in the past. ¬†Spurred on by the successful trip to Scottsdale I asked myself “where next?”

My next hurdle was to return to a place where Spence and I had many fun times, Laughlin Nevada.  I needed find out if I could go back and create new memories.

By now, I’d passed the one year mark since my loss, had one solo trip under my belt and knew that the time was right. ¬†I felt Spence’s presence at every turn as though he was sending me good luck.

Just a few of my slot winnings over the course of my stay!

Situated along the Colorado River with Bullhead City Arizona across the way, Laughlin was a balmy and beautiful respite from the cold and snow I’d left behind. ¬†The hotel pool and the riverwalk were perfect breaks from the casino as was a spa day at Laughlin Ranch.

Of course I had to post a few fine dining photos……

They say “you can’t go home again”. ¬†They would be wrong – ¬†my trip to Laughlin made me realize that it’s all about timing, readiness and a desire to reclaim my happiness.

Self Care, part twelve – and my first solo trip


Having been with Spence for 26 years, it was a shock to the system to find myself alone. ¬†It’s taken a lot of time to figure out who I am without him. ¬†Part of self care involves getting comfortable with navigating all aspects of life successfully by yourself.

I took my first of two solo vacations in early 2018.  Travel was a passion for Spence and I whether a spontaneous road trip or an international vacation, we were utterly simpatico. I needed to know that could travel alone and find myself along the way.

For the first trip I chose Scottsdale, somewhere I’d never been. I stayed at the Omni Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Montelucia. It was a magical escape from the bitter cold Michigan winter, with daily spa treatments, fabulous meals, hikes and a few visits to a nearby casino. I had nothing but time to be alone and reflect on my life. ¬†The true test was the last night which fell on Valentine’s Day. ¬†I’d thought I might be sad seeing happy couples celebrating over dinner and considered ordering room service. Instead I put on a pretty dress, jewelry and makeup and went to their fanciest restaurant where I enjoyed an amazing meal and attentive service. ¬†I took a long walk after dinner, enjoying the beauty surrounding me and realized, I was okay. In fact, I felt happy. ¬†It was empowering to feel that spark reignite.

A few scenes from the resort and spa.

This hike was on a warm, breezy day and allowed me to immerse myself in new surroundings, nature, silence and reflect on all the good things in my life.

Long before I started blogging, I was photographing (and journaling about) food. ¬†Spence always found this funny and would title our trips, “Laura’s Eating and Drinking Vacations”. ¬†That said, I had to include a few pics of the delicious food and adult beverages I enjoyed on this first solo vacation.

PrivateFly, a truly exceptional company

On February 8th, life took a serious turn. An emergency room nurse called to tell me Spence had been brought to a¬†hospital in Ft Lauderdale where he’d been visiting his BFF for a month. I flew to Florida the next afternoon arriving at¬†1:00 a.m. February 10th. Little did I¬†know how long we’d be there. As days passed,¬†it became clear I had to get us back to Michigan. I googled “private plane charter” from my iPhone. True of¬†any Google search, the choices were endless but my need was immediate. I chose the first option that appeared.¬†That option was PrivateFly and I believe divine intervention led me to these angels.

Valentine’s Day was¬†my first call to PrivateFly. I connected with¬†Denison, explaining our situation¬†learning he was¬†even based in Fort Lauderdale. ¬†A¬†worldwide company, PrivateFly¬†is¬†world class¬†in every aspect –¬†professional, hardworking and compassionate people that made me feel they cared. When¬†I¬†knew Spence would¬†be discharged Saturday 2/18, it was late afternoon. I feared given¬†the weekend and President’s Day that we wouldn’t be able to ¬†seriously begin the process of putting a flight back to Flint together until Tuesday.

That’s when¬†PrivateFly surprised me as they worked on our behalf¬†24/7 – all¬†weekend!¬†Denison, Marion, Pierre (who’s based in London) and Jeremiah answered my¬†calls on¬†the first ring, updating me¬†by phone and email as they searched for the right plane and best bid. By¬†Sunday evening, they’d found our¬†flight. In short order I was printing contracts¬†on my hotel’s printer, faxing them back,¬†finalizing everything by¬†10:30 p.m.. ¬†Marion was in constant contact that night, even arranging pickup from our hotel to the tarmac (in a brand new black Town Car no less). ¬†Our flight on¬†Tuesday morning¬†was stress free and pure bliss. Capping a¬†wretchedly stressful¬†thirteen days, these wonderful folks at PrivateFly put smiles on our faces.¬†Denison even came to the airport to meet us. The¬†flight lasted two hours and thirty two minutes from wheels up to wheels down, bringing Spence and I safely home in total comfort, seven newspapers, fluffy blanket included. ¬†With lovely gifts from PrivateFly and refreshments including a delicious fruit and dip platter, we’ve completed another item on our bucket list though not in the way we could have imagined.

Needing¬†to get home quickly under crisis circumstances may not have made us PrivateFly’s typical clients. ¬†I rarely write endorsements on products or companies as you know if you’ve followed this blog. ¬†In a world where we’ve become accustomed to low expectations, I felt compelled to¬†share our experience with PrivateFly. ¬†Every expectation was not just met but exceeded and I’ll be forever grateful for them.

Here’s a slideshow documenting the day we finally flew home to Michigan:

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Safety instructions for our Lear Jet