Travels in Aruba 2016 – part ten

As mentioned, this visit to Aruba was planned in large part to celebrate my 60th birthday.  Heading down that morning for breakfast, I told Spence I’d like to start my day with a mimosa.  Martin, who greeted and seated us each day said he’d take care of that request.

We proceeded to fill our plates from the phenomenal buffet (see part six of this series for more about our daily breakfasts at Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort).  I’d just finished my first plate of goodies when I saw Martin approaching with my mimosa, followed by Oriana and Sali, singing “Happy Birthday” and bringing me this delicious surprise:

I learned from Sali that Nakarid, who we saw most mornings, had the day off but had asked Sali to prepare this for me in her absence. It was so thoughtful and I got a number of heartfelt hugs as well.

Later that day…

We think Bucuti’s own Elements Restaurant is the best in Aruba so when Spence asked where I’d like to have my birthday dinner, it was my first choice!

Yolanda, our server, was so accomodating and our meals were perfection. She took the picture of us below.

FullSizeRender 335
OMG – I can’t even describe this soup. I’d wanted to try it since our last trip here. Amazing!

On to the entrees:

FullSizeRender 333
My choice, the duck!
FullSizeRender 344
Cooked to perfection.
FullSizeRender 338
Spence had Gnocchi with Roasted Vegetables – yum!

As we toasted and enjoyed a leisurely dinner, the sunset was spectacular.

What a way to celebrate my birthday, from beginning to end.

Travels in Aruba 2016 – part four

When in Aruba, you are surrounded by the sugar sand beaches and the ocean which varies between shades of teal, turquoise and indigo depending on sun, clouds and the depth of the water that can’t help but captivate your attention. On land, there is equal beauty in the flowering trees and shrubs at every turn. With my love of gardening and photography, I was compelled to take these pictures and share them.



Travels in Aruba – part eight

On of the things you see on the island of Aruba are Divi Divi Trees.  Due to the tradewinds, the trees look unique as they grow with the wind.

Aruba’s trademark: the Divi Divi or watapana tree. An interesting observation is that attempts to plant this tree in other parts of the world have proved futile – it seems the Divi Divi is most comfortable in Aruba! (source: internet search)


Both at our charming boutique hotel, the Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts and at every turn, we saw so many flowering plants and trees.  This is a sample of the beauty:

Cacti and palm trees grow everywhere, endless varieties.  Around our hotel, many of the cacti, trees and flowering shrubs have small signs identifying them which was thoughtful (and informative) for a gardening buff such as myself.


I had to chase this iguana around and around these cacti as he wouldn't pose for a picture. Finally got him in profile!
I had to chase this iguana around and around these cacti as he wouldn’t pose for a picture. Finally got him in profile!