Settling Mom Part Two – or “The Statement Piece”

If you saw yesterday’s post, you’ll know that the plan today was to head back to Colette’s, the furniture consignment store (the first store visited Mom and I visited – last Monday) to see if the special “statement piece” of furniture we’d found was indeed still there.  If so, Mom would buy it and I’d help get it back to her new apartment.

Spence was kind enough to loan his GMC Canyon to transport said item and just before noon, we pulled into Colette’s.  It’s a massive warehouse of consignment goods, primarily vintage and antique furniture but also books, clothing and everything you could imagine.  The small chest we sought was in the farthest corner in the recesses of the store which is arranged by vendor space. There was no way to know if it had sold but we remained hopeful.

As we came closer, I saw it, just waiting for Mom. This time she’d taken measurements of the space intended for it and armed with my own measuring tape, we took the dimensions of the chest. Just right!  Still as taken with it as we’d been the first time, we inspected it for flaws, finding none. Removing the tag, we walked back to the central cashier where Mom made the purchase.  We learned from the cashier that the vendor selling this had told her it came from her mother’s home where it sat in the entryway her entire life.  Interesting….. we’d been curious about it’s history. I brought up the truck while Nate was summoned to load it for us.  Given the marble top, Nate warned us that it was very heavy even for a strapping twenty-something guy such as himself.

After unloading it back at Mom’s new apartment we checked for any marking that might indicate where it was made but to no avail.  If I was to guess, I think it is European. We put it into the place, measuring first right and then left to center it.  Perfection.  Mom has many boxes to unpack and one of them may contain just the right thing to hang above the “statement piece”.  If not, our next search will be for a mirror to hang above it.  And the Settling Mom series continues…..

So without further adieu, here are the pictures.  You decide, does it make a statement?

Side view
Other side view
From the front
From the front
And a view from the top, solid marble

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