Saturday surprise, read on…

Recently my veterinarian recommended  They have everything you need  including vet-prescribed food, competitive prices, discounted monthly subscription deliveries and free/fast shipping. In every interaction with customer support, (phone or email), they’re not only responsive but fun to deal with and they clearly love animals. It’s a company where enthusiastic employees make customers feel truly appreciated. Early on I’d built “profiles” on their site for my cats, Biscotti and Tipper including the option of uploading  photos of each.

This morning FedEx delivered a package which was puzzling as I hadn’t ordered anything. What was inside surprised and delighted me and I had to share this!

How can you not love a company that would send you such a sweet surprise?

4 thoughts on “Saturday surprise, read on…

  1. Purrseidon and the others have been doing Chewy reviews since January of 2016, but I never thought to create profiles for them. Must look into this.

    1. Since Tipper’s ÚTIL he’s on a prescription diet and while my vet sells it, they directed me to for a better price and free delivery – I just love this company!

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