“Happy to Be Me” Book Launch Party

I recently posted about the book, “Happy to Be Me” written by my lifelong BFF and mentioned the upcoming party to launch it.

On Friday evening, the party took place with a great turnout and lots of enthusiasm.

And food…… an absolutely beautiful buffet of healthy selections including salads, deviled eggs, dips, pita bread, crackers, fruits, phyllo tarts, vegetables, cheeses and a dessert table as well. Delicious!

While Karen (author) and Lauryn (photographer) mixed, mingled and signed books, the children featured in the book had a reunion of sorts as they recognized each other.

A highlight for all was when Lauryn corralled her “models” for an impromptu photo op. With Karen joining them, the picture reflects the darling and happy kids that they are.

“Happy to Be Me” can be purchased on Amazon, author Karen Dickey.

8 thoughts on ““Happy to Be Me” Book Launch Party

  1. How beautiful. Congrats to your friend on her wonderful accomplishment. The party looked lovely and festive and enjoyed by all. Have a lovely week. 🙂

  2. You are so sweet to share this. It was an incredible evening for me and the loving support of so many friends and family was amazing! Thank you!

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