59 Candles, 59 Things – part forty two

Fiftieth thing: My inspiration for the next thing that makes me happy doesn’t cost a thing.  It’s energizing, refreshing and the day I’ve waited months for.

Fresh air through open windows, ah yes!

Is there anything more heavenly than that first day after a long winter and cold spring when you can safely open windows and get a cross breeze throughout your home?

Last weekend I was driving in snow and freezing rain on treacherous roads.  Spring seemed to have tenatively checked in and then retreated. It was sad as we’d had a couple of gorgeous days; the typical Michigan tease.

This morning I awoke to a gorgeous sunny day, checked my iphone for the outdoor temperature and started throwing open windows and doors.  Just glorious. It makes me ridiculously happy!

This fresh air montage is courtesy of Pinterest:


And this image made me think of how happy I am that Spring is upon us…..

If I were a cat…however I’m not a cat and must instead work in the garden today.  

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