59 Candles, 59 Things – part thirty eight

“Hey kids, you’re as old as you feel!”

Forty sixth thing: For this entry in my series, I’m celebrating getting older.

What???” I imagine that someone in the blogosphere is saying.  Stay with me.

I’ll turn 60 in May.  I’m pretty sure that whatever I thought that age would feel like, it’s not at all what I expected. My mindset, likes and energy are better than when I was in my thirties.  I’m blessed with good health and a sense of fun, a love of dance and travel, getting to hang out with Spence everyday. I’m constantly learning and exploring new interests

I frequently break into dance…..

Getting older for me has been enlightening. I worry less about what others think about me and am not so hard on myself.  For example – earlier this year I signed up for a guitar class. Unaware that being left-handed would be a “challenge” with a right-handed guitar (which had been gifted to me) as well as my surgically repaired right shoulder, I was certain I could do it. I attended 3 classes and practiced each day. It was dismal, painful, awkward.  Though it had been a bucket-list item for me, it was clear that it wasn’t meant to be and I quit!

As a child, my Dad used to say “no one likes a quitter” and that was good advice for a kid.

A time-out isn’t so bad….

The freedom to let myself off the hook with guitar lessons in favor of not aggravating my shoulder and accepting that it wasn’t fun was part of my journey.

Better a unicorn than a guitar player for Spence’s Girl!

Here’s to embracing my inner child and celebrating the aging process!

Hence the reason I married an older man!

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4 thoughts on “59 Candles, 59 Things – part thirty eight

  1. I swear, sometimes I feel like you jump into my brain and say exactly what I’m thinking!! Totally on point and I love the memes. Sorry to hear about the guitar lessons but, hey, on to bigger and better things. You can still enjoy listening to a guitar player while hanging out with Spence drinking wine and watching the sunset. 😊

    1. Thank you Nancy! We are simpatico, I feel that we have much in common. And so true, I enjoy guitar music and have mad respect for anyone who plays – truly a talent. I love your suggestion about listening while drinking wine, while enjoying sunsets with Spence. ❤️

  2. Great post. Well at least you tried guitar lessons. So many people don’t even try and tackle their bucket lists. Life goes on, and you are happy and that is all that counts 🙂

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