Yoga Moves you can do in bed….


source: Pinterest
I love my little house but at nearly six feet tall by the time I roll out my yoga mat, I’m bumping into furniture or walls in every room. 

The one exception is my kitchen. 

That said, besides whipping up delicious meals (and the occasional dance party) my kitchen serves as my yoga studio. I can close doors to keep Tipper and Biscotti (my curious cats) at bay. It also means I vacuum and wet-jet swiffer the floor every time (out of respect for my yoga mat). It’s worked well but between the cleaning and then my 40-45 minute routine, I don’t make the time for  yoga as much as I’d like. 

Seeing these yoga moves that can be done in bed made me realize that if I prioritize my practice I can fit in a form of yoga every day. 

No excuses!

Namaste šŸ™šŸ»

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