High Wire


High Wire
Appearances are deceiving
Balanced on a wire
Creating an illusion
Defying possibilities
Eager to please
Frightened yet exhilarated
Giving myself a push
Hoping for the best
Imagining the worst
Keening left, then right
Losing my footing for a moment
Mastering and memorizing where I need to be
Not caring if I fail
Open to falling
Positioned for landing
Unsure about that last step
What was I thinking?
X-rays may be needed
Your mother warned you about taking risks
Zoom, zap, splat!

an original Abecedarian poem by Spence’s Girl

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  1. (A Note from Spence’s Girl: I wrote this in my writing class; the format is called Abecederian in which each line must start with a letter of the alphabet and you must do the entire alphabet)

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