Infinity Dreams Award


I just learned that I was nominated for another award. I’m so honored and excited that my little blog has been noticed and appreciated. Thank you to the amazing incahootswithmuddyboots for the nomination and support. Sabine has a delightful blog encompassing travel, gardening, food and photography. Please check her out!

To accept this award I must:

1.Thank and follow the blog that nominated me – check!

2.Tell 11 facts about myself and answer the 11 questions set by the nominating blogger – check!

3.Nominate 11 bloggers, setting 11 questions for them – okay, I’m only doing 5 nominations because I’m on vacation and must get back to the beach!

So here goes, 11 facts about me……

  1. At my tallest, I was 6 ft 1/4 inches tall, growing the last inch and 1/4 at age 28.  Now 59, I’m 5 ft 10 1/2.  Go figure.
  2. I’ve had the same best friend since I was old enough to talk and we still haven’t run out of conversation.
  3. I love the Friskies “Dear Kitten” online videos.  Too cute.  Also “dog who wants a kitten” – if you haven’t seen it, Google it.
  4. My favorite pie is rhubarb custard.
  5. I am afraid of spiders, snakes and clowns.  Also, the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz creep me out.
  6. Spence makes a special comfort food for me when I’m under the weather – a fried egg sandwich with chili sauce.
  7. I live in the house that my grandparents built when my dad was a boy.
  8. I am a bit obsessed with Pinterest. Okay, more than a bit.
  9. I love movie musicals, cue Rodgers and Hammerstein.
  10. I love to sing karaoke, even though Spence wishes I wouldn’t. Kind of like he feels when I sing along with the radio on road trips….. 
  11. I have no children of the human variety but love my cats Tipper and Biscotti as if I’d given birth to them. 

Now for my nominees:

  1. –  Marc hosts a must see blog for those who love cats and kittens, informative, fun and great to brighten your day. Weekly Tummy Rub Tuesdays features reader submitted photos of beautiful cats posing for their Tummy Rubs. You can submit your photos; Tipper and Biscotti have been included in weeks past.
  2. –  Rachel is a fiction writer, assisted by her two darling dogs, Cricket and Butterfly.  Check her out!
  3. – Thirty-something Olivia writes about life and her adventures in this lovely and uplifting blog.  Always positive and enjoyable.
  4. – Stuart writes endearing, heartfelt short stories based on his life, that are a true treat.  A truly gifted storyteller, I can’t wait for each new post.  If he releases a book, I’m buying it.  Please have a look.
  5. – written by “Janey” (her alias) a self described weird blog, she is funny, clever and insightful.  I adore her blog and feel as though if we were to meet we’d be great friends.  And yes, that means I’m weird and proud of it.

11 questions for my nominees:

  1. What is your favorite comfort food?
  2. Do you have siblings?
  3. Live to eat or eat to live?
  4. Swim in a lake, ocean or a pool?
  5. Coffee or tea?
  6. What is your favorite time of day to blog?
  7. Name something from your “bucket list”
  8. What scares you?
  9. Cats or dogs?
  10. Best childhood memory?
  11. What or who makes you laugh?

6 thoughts on “Infinity Dreams Award

  1. Thank you SO MUCH!! I am beaming 🙂 I have to say – I am obsessed with Pinterest too! Ever since I started wedding planning, I have a problem between that and The Knot. Oy.

  2. Firstly, thanks so much for nominating me. It makes me feel happy and cheerful 🙂
    And oh my….WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON! I love the ‘Dear Kitten’ video. I’m terrified of spiders and clowns. I’ve had the same best friend since I was a small child! I am OBSESSED with rhubarb and custard pie 😀 it’s actually funny because I could have written these exact facts!
    Thank you for your kind words. Have some rhubarb pie from me 😀

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