Biscotti’s Conundrum

I find it more enjoyable to blog surrounded by Spence, Tipper and Biscotti while hanging out in the living room, MacBook on my lap – as opposed to sequestering myself up in my writing/meditation/guest room.

This is confusing to Biscotti who believes that my lap is “his snuggle spot”. He looks so sad this morning that I had to take these photos, post this and then will concede.

Looking over the top of my screen. “Whatcha’ doin’? Can you move your Mac? Please?”
This is
This is “the Biscuit’s” sad face. Resigned to wait until I’m done with posting.
On the other side of my screen, I think he's giving up.
On the other side of my screen, I think he’s giving up.

2 thoughts on “Biscotti’s Conundrum

  1. What a sweet face! My Chrissy sits on the chair behind me and head butts me or licks my hair till I pay attention to her. Your guy is a lot more subtle!

    1. Love it. Sometimes Biscotti wedges between the Mac across my chest and shoulder when I’m trying to blog, his head under my arm. When our cats want to be close, they find a way, and who can deny them? 😻

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