Ten Things about Me

This is the first writing challenge from BUGS (Blogging U Grads) and the challenge is to simply introduce myself by sharing ten things about me.  Considering that I’ve shared quite a bit about myself in the last seven months, the challenge for me is to come up with things previously not revealed……

  1. I’m left-handed.  Proud of it and believe that my creativity springs from my left-handedness.
  2. Though my husband and I are the only human occupants of my home (my two sons are cats – just to clarify), my pantries (yes plural), refrigerator, freezer, spice and wine racks might lead one to believe that I’m secretly running a personal chef service, opening a gourmet food shop or preparing for the zombie apocalypse.
  3. I have extremely flat feet.
  4. I love The Gilmore Girls!  Have the whole series on DVD, watch it beginning to end once a year.  It makes me happy.
  5. My first job was as a cashier in a donut shop.  Yes, I was a donut slinger, at age 16.  Couldn’t eat donuts for many years after I left that job.
  6. I live in the same home that my grandparents built, where my Dad was raised, in the same neighborhood I grew up in.
  7. All my life I’ve been told I looked like both Grandmothers and my Dad.
  8. My hair is naturally very curly, like Shirley Temple curly.
  9. I am of 100% Swedish descent (to the best of our family knowledge).
  10. I didn’t learn to text until I was 57 years old.

Tada! I did it. And I’m quite sure that I’ve not previously shared these captivating facts about myself on this blog.

So, that’s me.  Nice to meet you.

Just a bonus thing about me! And because it's hard for me to make a blog entry without a picture.
Just a bonus thing about me! And because it’s hard for me to make a blog entry without a picture.

BUGS is a writing group that was formed by those participants in the Blogging University Writing 101 workshop from earlier this year.  This is the first of bi-weekly challenges they will assign us through year end.  I hope you’ll find them interesting.  

8 thoughts on “Ten Things about Me

  1. Hey, we share flat feet and left handed-ness! Many artist and great minds were left handed so you are right to attribute your creativity to that.

    1. Thanks Donna. I think there’s something so endearing about Gilmore Girls, the characters, the town of Stars Hollow and the dialogue – wicked fast and clever. My husband has become a fan through reruns which cracks me up because it’s not his usual type of show.

    1. So far only 1 assignment 5/31 for BUGS. It’s kind of an offshoot that came out of Writing 101, bi-weekly prompts. Would you like more info. It’s happening via WordPress. 😊

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