Moving Mom Part Nineteen – or The Day Mom’s House Officially Changes Hands

March 20th – Yesterday’s drive in the rain was physically draining; both Mom and I were gripping the steering wheel, shoulders tense. Add to that the mental exhaustion of safe driving while watching for drivers taking less care and for road signs to make sure we didn’t go wrong on our route. I’m grateful we broke this road trip into 4 days/3 nights.

After a great dinner at locally owned Cabin Restaurant (we both had variations of a hickory smoked pulled pork sandwich – outstanding), we came back and polished off the bottle of Malbec (maybe that was just me?).  Mom read her Kindle until she could no longer keep her eyes open (8:15).  I made it through Grey’s Anatomy, read for 5 more minutes and was out!

This morning we woke up at 6:00 and turned on the local news only to see what I’d expected, HEAVY FOG.  With all the rain yesterday, the local weatherman called the air “JUICY” which must be a meteorologist term for “wet air” (as he later explained that comment). On a positive note, while roads will be wet it would appear that the rain has shifted to the east and that we won’t be driving in rain today (fingers crossed).

At 2:00 today, the new owner’s close and Mom’s house officially becomes their house.  Her realtor will text me to let us know that the trigger has been pulled and the $$ will be wired.  And so that chapter has ended and a new one officially begins.

Here's to what comes next........
Here’s to what comes next……

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