Moving Mom Part 7 – or “It’s a Post-It World & We’re Just Living In It”

In an effort to give us a sense of progress, I’ve gone closet by closet, cupboard by cupboard, drawer by drawer and when empty, placing a post-it (the Gallery below is but a small sampling).  There’s a sense of accomplishment though I’m pretty sure we’ll do a final sweep, side by side and look into everything one last time, especially since the buyer’s of Mom’s home are keeping a lot of her furniture.

And this is the inside of the POD


We are most grateful tonight as several family friends (younger, stronger with better backs and shoulders) came by to see the POD then loaded the sofa and love seat.  Even though Mom’s hired Hugo (who’s worked for her before) to load the POD, those pieces couldn’t be moved by one person. Between she and I, neither has the back, shoulders or strength to help him.

So to those kind, dear friends – you lightened our load and we thank you.

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