Under the weather

This looks a bit like me since Monday.
This looks a bit like me since Monday.

To my followers, you may have noticed a slow down in my blogging.  What started with my annual bout of  losing-my-voice at the end of last week morphed into an upper respiratory ailment that sent me to the doctor.  Armed with antibiotics, inhaler, Mucinex, hot water with lemon and honey, orange juice and lots o’ bed rest, I’m finally starting to bounce back to my previous good health. For awhile there, a kitten could have kicked my ass.

Next week I fly south to sunny Florida to help my Mom pack up the pod which will move her belongings to Michigan.  Then God willing and prayers for better roads than we’ve seen this winter, she and I will begin our road trip driving back to Michigan and her new home.  There have already been a few posts about “Moving Mom”. I’m hoping for some good stories to share on the blog and hope you’ll stay tuned.

And stay healthy!

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