5 thoughts on “Yoga you can do with your cats

  1. That looks much more fun than Little Mom’s yoga! After five minutes she shuts the door with me on the other side because I want to yoga too. If only she would watch this!!!

  2. Carol, I sure hope your mom sees this and realizes the joy of sharing yoga with you. Biscotti and Tipper hated when I closed the door in my yoga room. We now spend quality time together and everybody is happy. Namaste. 🙏

  3. So cute! Those are some seriously mellow cats. Our Henry VIII was super affectionate, but being picked up always stressed him out. Trying any of that with him would have been like trying to pick up a running circular saw by the blade.

    1. Your comment cracked me up! What a visual 😻 probably Biscotti would be less likely to do yoga like this with me. Tipper however is like a noodle, letting me drape him over my shoulders like a fur collar, I can walk around and he doesn’t move. I call him my “boneless cat”. Think he’ll be my yoga buddy.

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