Mystery of the Rose Quartz

I admit that I believe in things that aren’t always easily explained and that others may choose not to explore.  In believing, I often receive validation….from the universe.

Case in point.  A few Saturdays ago, I attended a Stone and Crystal workshop held at the Yogazebo of my dear Jules.  I attended with my lifelong BFF and my daughter-in-law, two of my most favorite women in the world.

Beautiful space set up to learn about stones and crystals on a sunny winter afternoon.

I’d invested in numerous crystals in my travels. I knew a little about them but yearned to learn more; I brought mine with me to class.

We communed with like minded women as we learned about the properties of crystals. We were told that sometimes one will come into your life when you need it and disappear when you no longer do.

As the day went on I realized that I didn’t possess a rose quartz but made a mental note that I’d like acquire one.

You might be thinking, “get to the point – what’s the mystery?”  I’ll tell you but I have to back up so you can fully appreciate the “mystery” part.  In my travels and adventures with Spence, we tend to pick up rocks, shells, driftwood, beach glass etc as mementos. My home is a veritable nature exhibit of things we’ve found that were pretty and unusual.

The day after the class with the thoughts of “get a rose quartz” still rolling around in my mind, I noticed a small dish of polished rocks and sea glass that I’ve had in my living room for a long while.  And on the top of that pile was a perfect round rose quartz.  I have NO recollection of ever seeing it and I’d told no one that I desired one.  Yet bigger than life – there it was.  The words of our instructor came back to me, “when you need it, it will come to you”.

The mysterious rose quartz
The mysterious rose quartz

How it got in that dish, I’ll never know.  Maybe it appeared mysteriously and maybe it’s really been there for years unnoticed. One thing’s for sure, it made itself known to me when I thought I needed it.


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  1. Playing around with rocks is fun. Nice to read about someone being open and trying things with others. I often bring my mother and mother in law to metaphysical events. We share some good memories and laughs along with deep inside and understanding.

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