Thoughts on marriage.


Thoughts on Marriage

I married the first time at 21.
Three separations.
Divorced at 24.
At 21, I’d married the wrong man.

Grateful for having lived on my own, got the gumption to leave.
Not my last mistake.
Sadly, though not without fond memories of my single exploits.
Live and learn.

At 35, quite by accident or by fate, kissed by Spence.
Knew through friends.
Older than me.
Funny, complicated, worth it.

At 53, married Spence.
Not rushing into things
Scared, until I wasn’t.
Marriage – not so scary, feel protective and nurturing.

At 58, retired.
Happy, cozy, can’t believe this is my life.
Marriage is worth all efforts; each day is an adventure with Spence.
Somedays more than others.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on marriage.

  1. This was suggested at the bottom of your Valentine post. I’m glad I hopped over to read it. I love the bullet style, hitting the important parts. I also notice a few parallels with my own life- married at 22, divorced at 26 (nice guy just not for me), dated and socialized (not without mistakes and fond memories), married again at 31, twenty-two years (with hard work and compromise) and 2 children later still happily married to my best friend….looking forward to that relaxing retirement!😊

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