Give a cat a bag…

One of Spence’s Christmas gifts was a robe from Kohls.  It was too small and so with receipt and robe in hand, I braved the returns line today before yoga class.  Though the line loomed ahead of me, remarkably it moved quickly leaving me enough time to skip over to the men’s department for a replacement.

Spence just tried on his new robe and it was perfect.  As he modeled the robe, the real prize was discovered by Biscotti – the bag! “Oh joy, oh bliss” he seemed to say (via telepathy).

If you have a cat, you know that there is something seductive about any bag (or box).  Proof is shown below.

"The Biscuit" in his bag.  One happy kitty cat.
“The Biscuit” in his bag. One happy kitty cat.

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