Let it snow?


I try to embrace positivity as my approach to life these days and as I do each day, I email checked-in with mom, who lives in Ft Myers, Florida.  “Did you get much snow?” she asked.  “Not much but the roads are bad” I replied, having driven home on some wicked slick roads last night.  Within a few hours while I was snuggled with the cats enjoying a steaming cup of tea (or 2), we got hammered with snow! It looked as though the heavens had opened up a big sifter of powdered sugar and were dumping it on us at warp speed.  “You’ve gotta be kidding me” I said, to Biscotti and Tipper who nodded their agreement.

But having scheduled a long overdue lunch with my dear friend Jeanne (who’s August birthday we were finally celebrating…yikes) I wouldn’t be deterred. I proceeded to get all dolled up in a cute ensemble, my new furry black ski-bunny boots making their debut and out I went.  I was on the road in sales for most of my career and have lived in the same county my entire life so I can drive in snow.  What’s a couple of inches?  Just give yourself more time, right?

Living on a main road you can count on the salt trucks to be out and working on this white mess.  But as I pulled onto my road, my two year old Tucson was fishtailing like a toddler on ice skates. (okay, not the best depiction but you get the idea) No four wheel drive on this vehicle, I was crawling along at about 10 mph and barely making contact with the road.   We’d planned to meet at a restaurant that on a good day would have be a 20-25 minute drive.  I gave myself better than an hour to get there……but immediately realized that there was no way in hell I was going to make it.  With regret in my heart, I pulled over and called her to cancel.

Back in my cozy house, a lunch of left-overs warming in the oven and a roaring fire, courtesy of Spence, I’m feeling a little more positive about the snow.  It’s still accumulating out there at an accelerated rate but it looks fluffy and fresh from where I’m sitting.  And I love Michigan. Snow just comes with the territory.

But when I saw the picture above, I’ll admit it – I thought of our recent trip to Sedona.  And I thought about sunshine, dry roads and a really good margarita.

Roaring fire, courtesy of Spence
Roaring fire, courtesy of Spence

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